Sacred Space Manchester Teach the world to Sing

Sacred Space – Teaching the world to sing – The Students Report

Cathy Lamb, ‘Lichfield Cathedral School’. Common Ground: outreach projects across the country. They have organised a singing outreach conference to remind people of the huge amounts of good work they do for the community in the cathedral. They also have another one organised for next year already. Why is it crucial for us to be at forefront? She spoke of…

Sacred Space 2018 Youth Evangelism

Sacred Space – Youth Evangelism – Jimmy Dale

It is a statistic that generation z are the first generation that are completely non churched as opposed to being unchurched. This means that they have had little to no context of the church in comparison to parents or grandparents who had been brought up attending services. During the Youth Evangelism speech, led by Jimmy Dale, it was made evident…

Michael Lapsley Sacred Space 2018

Sacred Space – Fr Michael Lapsley – Media Student Report

Justice, peace and healing were the main topics of the keynote. The story of Father Michael was very inspiring and insightful. The movement of non violence in South Africa, his fight against Apartheid and then the letter bomb attack in which he lost both his hands and the sight in one eye. I found his thoughts that cathedrals should be…

Sacred Space 2018 - Day 1 Review Media Students Manchester College

Sacred Space 2018 – Day 1 – Caitlin, Luke and Madison

Year 2 Media students from Manchester College, Caitlin Bardsley, Luke Maddocks and Madison Eddleston give their view of #SS18 Day 1. The conference opened with a video address from the Archbishop of Canterbury filmed by my peers at The Manchester College down in London. The speech included the Archbishop’s views on cathedrals, and what his goals for the conference were….