Music Sacred Space 2018

Sacred Space – Where Music Takes Us – Media Student Report

Robert Sharpe’s workshop on music and where it takes cathedrals in the future:  most of what was discussed was music and how it can effect the atmosphere of a cathedral. The point that Robert was making was that the cathedrals that are using non-typical music are changing the grandiose feeling that a cathedral gives off and he was trying to convince the attendees to stick to the usual music, as far as I could tell that is

In my personal opinion (Luke) I like the idea of the cathedrals not playing usual music as more often then not it would interest me personally far more than the usual music does.

Upon entering the conference, we were greeted and met up with others to discuss how the church mosaic has been drastically altered and modernised through the centuries. We were then given a number of examples of typical styles of music that we can hear within the church  alongside the contemporary music styles we can hear. Overall, I felt that the talk went relatively well and I was able to fully understand the true importance such music as this enhances the overall experience not only for regular visitors, but further allowing the opportunity for the younger generation to experience the true feeling and the benefits of visiting church.

Luke Maddocks and Adam Flynn were listening to Where Music Takes Us: The future for cathedral music at Sacred Space, Association of English Cathedrals