Sacred Space 2018 Professor Mona Siddiqui Mona Siddiqui

Sacred Space – Professor Mona Siddiqui – Helen Large, Media Student

Helen Large (Media Student, Manchester College) – I listened to Professor Mona Siddiqui, on Day 2 of the National Cathedrals Conference.

To refuse a man refreshment in Islam is the same as letting them die.

This shows the religious beliefs that everyone is to love and be generous to each other, and to bring everyone together.

The pleasure of everything is not just food or eating. Though this is radical and we should all accept everyone. The act of hospitality for Christians is to see Christ in everyone and that this should reflect God for the central image.

The thoughts of Islam, Judaism and Christianity have different views on what hospitality is. They all believe that God is together in hospitality, which brings them together; however all religions know that it isn’t just in food or eating; but in being nice to each other and gaining respect.

This applies to everything in society as friendship and fellowship are to accept each other and gain their respect and gain everyone as a friend.