Sacred Space 2018 Manchester College

Sacred Space – An Intriguing Journey – The Students Report

Sacred space was an intriguing journey for us all, both Christians and non Christians.

As media students we were very fortunate to be able to film, write and photograph the conference. We were given the opportunity to experience an event that some of us may not have been open to, at the start.

We started to film some of the speakers at the conference; they were interesting to watch and listen to as it was a different point of view on Christianity to other ideas that we may have previously had. They gave us an insight into the inner workings of a cathedral and also a deeper understanding of a cathedral’s purpose in society and to the public, both Christians and non Christians.

On the practical side of the experience, we were fortunate enough to have a more independent approach, in terms of us doing more of the practical work with less guidance from our older peers. This gave us a more real world experience, especially with us being second years, we could have a small taste of what the “real world” will be like in the fast paced environment of the media industry.

From our point of view, the conferences were thought out well, attention to detail was immaculate and there were a range of activities for a very diverse collective of individuals, all bought together by one common ground, Christianity.

To conclude, we celebrated this event with a Gala dinner. There were people from other cathedrals, churches and abbeys that attended. We began the evening with a drinks reception, after was the actual dinner with some speeches and singing from the local choir. The presentation was excellent. The tables were set with candelabras with flowers and there were little favours as well; chocolate bees and whistles.

A massive thank you to Sacred Space: Common Ground and the Association of English Cathedrals for this fantastic opportunity.

Chelsea Mellor, Siena Gooderham, Lauren Marti